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Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting competitive sports that one can be part of, either as a jockey, trainer, owner or spectator; and definitely not as a horse. That said, the sport does not have as huge a following as it deserves, mainly because of some misconceptions here and there.

Some, for instance, think that this is a sport reserved just for the fabulously wealthy. People believe that they require vast sums of money and be oozing royalty to attend racing events. Then, there are those who are entirely in the dark about the races on the fence-and-hurdle tracks.

Equileisure is here to iron out all those misconceptions with well-researched reports about horseracing, to help fans get in on this fantastic activity. On Equileisure, the belief is that this is a sport for all; armed with correct information, anyone can have a tremendous time at the racecourse.

First up is to bring any readers, (whether newbie or conversant), up to speed about what goes on in the horse racing set up. From the world’s most famous horses to information about some of the widely popular racecourses, everything is to be found on Equileisure. Ever heard of Man O’ War? Here’s where to get some fun facts about the greatest horse that ever ran the world’s race courses.

The thrill of horse racing is increased by placing bets during competitions. Placing wagers during horse races is a practice so old, that betting is a term almost synonymous with horse racing. Little wonder, then, that some races are actually referred to as ‘stakes.’

It would be downright wrong not to discuss betting on this site. Herein are fine details on how to go about the online gamble on horse races; from the best betting sites to the popular strategies.

The taste of a story is not just in its being told, but instead in how it is said. No one knows and values this truth better than the Equileisure team. For that reason, delivery is just as important as the content served out to readers.

Whatever you find here, is woven together by the most informed writers in the industry, and passed through the hands of keen-eyed editors and designers. In an online space filled with annoyingly low-quality content, Equileisure serves elegance in abundance.

Well, seeing is the surest path to believing, so the best way to witness this is to delve deeper. Enjoy the Equileisure experience!